The Applied Improvisation Network (AIN) was created in 2002 to bring together professionals with a keen interest in the study, practice, and teaching of applied improvisation. Initially, a group of 30 or so pioneering improvisers gathered for the first conference in San Diego.  Today, AIN is a global community of over 8,000 participants online and across numerous regional and local groups.

Our Purpose:

The AIN cultivates community, professional excellence, and meaningful impact by applying the skills and mindset of improvisation in diverse individual, organizational, and global contexts.

Our Objectives:

  • To promote the practice of applied improvisation
  • To support members and practitioners of applied improvisation
  • To develop methods of best practice
  • To connect our members to each other to foster collaborative working opportunities
  • To partner with organizations to promote and teach applied improvisation to their members

Our Beliefs

  • Improvisational practice has the power to improve the quality of human lives, communities, and organizational relationships
  • Play and spontaneity promote personal and professional growth and support innovation
  • Real collaboration is a valuable skill that helps organizational and group performance
  • Improvisation teaches generosity, cooperation, trust, and experimentation.  This reduces anxiety, and releases creativity
  • These benefits are open to all people at any age, any walk of life, and especially to those who have never done it before!



The AIN is a volunteer organization created by its members for its members. There are many people involved in our community. If you would like to contribute, send us an email to get in touch!


The AIN Board exists to support the development of a strong network of practitioners of Applied Improvisation across a breadth of disciplines.

The Board meets monthly to discuss AIN issues. Past Board Meeting minutes.

Board members serve 2-year terms, and are nominated annually, by a proposer and seconder, both of whom must be AIN members. In the event that there are more nominees than open board spaces, elections are held across the AIN members present at the annual conference.

We have a maximum of 16 board members, with half the posts becoming vacant each year.

Current Board Members:


Carla Vigara

Bobbi Block

Bryan Cooperrider

Vicki Crooks

Chris Esparza

Rita Fernandez

Paul Z. Jackson


Louis Wells

Kat Koppett

Erica Marx

Jørgen Moltubak

Ria Vita Puangco

Ed Reggi

 Ellen Schnur